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How do I start with Wirex?

For those who use both bitcoins and traditional currencies, Wirex is the ultimate solution for financial freedom. Use it in your...

Wirex App: Getting Started

If you are ready for mobile banking right in your pocket, let's get started with our new Wirex app...

How to add funds to Wirex card?

Like a standard debit card, you need to fund it with some money before using it. You can add funds to your Wirex card in...

The Wirex card is a contactless Visa payment card that lets you convert your crypto and spend it like traditional money. Use it all over the world in shops, bars, restaurants, online or at any ATM that accepts Visa. Earn unique Cryptoback™ rewards (0.5% in BTC) every time you use your Wirex card in-store. To order your card, simply give us your name, date of birth (18+) and address. Unlike banks, you are not required to fill out pages of forms or provide sensitive documents. It's as simple as that.