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FAQ about PayPal

See our FAQ about PayPal below:

Q. I want to buy your card using my PayPal account, but it is not possible. Please enable this option for me!
A. PayPal payment method is not supported for card order.

Q. I want to link your card to PayPal, how can I do that?
A. Please find the detailed instructions in this article. Make sure your card is verified.

Q. I tried to link your card to my PayPal account, but it did not work. I received the error message 'Operation is not supported'.
A. There are three possible reasons for failed PayPal account verification:
1. You don't have enough balance on your card - PayPal requires the card to have a positive balance. We suggest adding at least $3 to the card.
2. PayPal in your country does not support our cards. Please check with your PayPal account support whether they accept prepaid debit cards issued in Gibraltar, and what could be the reason for verification failures.
Read our blog for more details.
3. Your card is not verified. All operations with PayPal are allowed for verified cards only.

Q. My country is not on the supported list for PayPal. Please add it!
A. PayPal countries is not a limitation we set. This is just the list of countries where we know for sure PayPal will accept our cards. You can double-check with your PayPal account support whether they accept prepaid debit cards (with no bank account) issued in Gibraltar.

Q. I linked the card to my PayPal account, but can't see the 4-digit code to verify the transaction. Where can I find it?
A. Let Wirex support team know and we will help you to find the code.

Q. How can I buy bitcoins with PayPal?
A. Please find the tutorial in our blog post.

Q. I am verified. I sent funds from my PayPal account to Wirex card, but they have not arrived yet.
A. Transfers from PayPal to Wirex card accounts may take up to five days. If the money was still not deposited onto your card after this timeframe, please contact PayPal for support.

Q. I am verified, what if I transfer more than $500?
A. If you sent more than 500USD (500EUR/400GBP), your transfer will be split and loaded on different days.

Q. I am not verified, but I want to use PayPal to load my Wirex card.
A. Only verified users can now send funds from PayPal to Wirex cards. Please verify your card.

Q. I have sent funds to my unverified card and lost them. What can I do now?
A. Please verify your card and the funds will arrive automatically.

Q. I have sent funds to my unverified card and lost them. I cannot verify my card.
A. Your funds will be sent back to your PayPal account, but it will take time (4 months or more). It is a serious policy violation act and such refunds have lower priority. It is not possible to escalate or speed this process up.

Q. Why my transaction was in GIP (Gibraltar Pounds)?
A. When you link any card to PayPal, it denominates the card to the local currency of the card issuer's country. Wirex card is issued by Gibraltar bank, that is why PayPal converts all transactions to GIP. You may ask PayPal support to change your Wirex card currency to EUR/GBP/USD in order to avoid extra fees.

Q. I cancelled/blocked my card, but I am waiting for the refund from PayPal. What happens to my money?
A. The money will still arrive into your card even if it was blocked. Please reply back to support. We will temporary unblock your card so that you can spend the money or buy bitcoins. After that, you are free to block or cancel the card again.

Q. I need to create Visa card to load it with PayPal.
A. Our cards are issued by Visa. Find out how to order a Wirex Visa card in this post. Do not forget to verify it!

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