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How to use Wirex plastic card abroad

Wirex plastic card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, making it the perfect card for travelling. Use the Chip-and-PIN card to buy products and services online or at any store that accepts Visa. If the store only accepts cash, you can still access your money by using the card to withdraw cash from any ATMs.

To use the Wirex plastic card, simply ensure it carries a positive balance. Check our article How to add funds to Wirex card? for additional information.
Some tips:

  • Wholesale rate. When you make any transactions in currencies different from your card currency, for example, making GBP payments with a USD card, the conversion happens at a wholesale rate our card issuer sets.
  • International ATM Transaction fee. International ATM Transaction fee ($3.50) is applied when making ATM withdrawals in any currency different from your card currency. For example, withdrawing euros with your USD card.

Please also note that merchants or ATMs in different countries may have additional rules for foreign cards.

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