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Why your Wirex card can get declined

Wirex cards may get declined by the merchant or ATM for a variety of reasons. If this happens to you, do not panic and continue reading below for solutions.

Not enough funds on card or card balance.

Prepaid debit cards not supported without a bank account

Сards issued by banks from Gibraltar not supported

Card limits reached

Card blocked

Reason 1: You do not have enough funds on your card or the card balance is 0.

Type of transactions: Online and offline transactions (Point-of-sale and ATM).
Advice: Have you added funds it your card before purchasing? Even if you have bitcoins in your BTC account, it does not mean the card was funded. You need to convert the bitcoin into USD/GBP/EUR. Read our article How to exchange currencies in Wirex account? for more details.

Reason 2: The merchant does not support prepaid debit cards without a bank account.

Types of transaction: Online and offline transactions (Point-of-sale).
Advice: Unfortunately, we are unable to control merchants' decision in not supporting prepaid cards. If you plan to use Wirex cards with a specific merchant, check their website or contact their support team.

Reason 3: The merchant/ATM does not support cards issued by banks from Gibraltar.

Type of transaction: Online and offline transactions (ATM).
Advice: Again, we are unable to control the merchant's decision in not accepting certain cards. We suggest contacting the merchant's support team for alternative payment methods. They may be able to accept bitcoin, which you can send from your Wirex BTC account.
If your card was rejected by an ATM, we recommend trying another machine.

Reason 4: You have reached your card limits.

Type of transaction: Online and offline transactions (Point-of-sale and ATM).
Advice: Wirex cards have maximum limits for ATM withdrawals, online and offline transactions. Check out the Wirex card limits article for details. If your card is not verified, consider verifying it now for higher limits.

Reason 5: Your card is blocked.

Type of transaction: Online and offline transactions (Point-of-sale and ATM).
Advice: Contact Wirex support team. Card may be automatically blocked for your account security (for example, the PIN code was entered incorrectly 3 times by yourself or someone else).

Have you had your card declined even though you didn't face any of mentioned issues above? Let our support know about it.

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