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Identity Verification Needed After ‘Potential Fraud’ Notice

Q: I've just seen an error message about "potential fraud" in my account. Now what?

Card transactions in our system that appear 'unusual' can sometimes cause a 'potential fraud' message.

This might happen when you receive an unusual amount of money based on your account history, or from a source unknown to our system.

This is standard procedure that helps us maximize the security of our customer funds and protect the company from regulatory uncertainty for the future.

We may need you to provide some additional verification documents or we may be able to re-set the account back to normal with a few details about your transaction.

Please note: BTC transfer and deposit operations will continue working even if your bank account or debit card has triggered the ‘potential fraud’ notice in our system.

Until we can re-set your account, bank account or debit card operations will be prohibited, depending on the message you saw in the app.

Please contact support with a very brief description of the transaction that triggered the 'potential fraud' message. We’ll then let you know if we need any other information such as:

  • Proof of identity or address
  • Information about whoever sent the transaction to your account

This fraud protection feature in our system helps ensure that customer accounts are protected from identity theft or financial fraud. This is why we may need further verification documents as we want to make sure it was you who made the transaction. Thank you for your understanding.

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