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How to get a Wirex card?

Wirex card is a payment card linked to your Wirex wallet. Use it as a normal card; you can spend and withdraw your money anywhere in the world. To order your first card, simply provide your name, date of birth (>18) and address. Unlike banks, you are not required to fill up pages of forms or provide any documents. Simple as that.

You can check different card prices in How much does Wirex card cost? article.

This article describes how to get a Wirex card from the website. If you are using the Mobile App, go to Wirex App: How to order Wirex card article.

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your Wirex account > navigate to Order Cards section on the left > select the type of card you need. More information about cards types is available here: Wirex card types comparison chart.
  2. On Step 1, fill in your Personal Information: full name and date of birth > Next: Billing and Delivery.
  3. On Step 2, enter your Billing address. For the plastic card, you can also enter a different Delivery address, if you do not live at your residence address at the moment. If you wish to have higher limits and more options for your card, you will need to provide some additional verification information later. For now, ensure you enter your real name and date of birth (same as on your official ID) and billing address which you can provide documentation proof. More information about verification is available here: How and why to verify Wirex account.
  4. Select Delivery type for the plastic card. More information about delivery types is available here: Wirex plastic card delivery types.
  5. Go to the next step by clicking on Next: Payment method. You can use Wirex bitcoin account, Wirex card or external bitcoin wallet as Payment Method. If you selected your Wirex account or card, your new card order is placed immediately. If you selected External account, after you place the order, you will see a QR code, bitcoin address and exact amount you need to send within next 24 hours. Once funds received, the card order will be completed automatically. If we receive no payment from you, the card order expires.
  6. Review your card order details by clicking on See Summary > Place Order. If you need to make any changes, select Change order details.
    NOTE: You will not be able to change any details once you place and made payment for the order.

Congratulations! Your card is ordered. The virtual card will arrive instantly to you Wirex-linked inbox, while the plastic card will be delivered to your address. You can check the delivery time for plastic cards in the How long does delivery take article.

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