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How to enable enhanced security (2FA) for my Wirex account?

To make your account even more secure, we recommend enabling 2FA (two-factor authentication). You can read more about it here: What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

If you are using the Wirex Mobile App, check out the Wirex App: Settings article on how to manage 2FA from the app.

Follow the steps below to enable 2FA in the desktop application:

  1. Click your name in the right-top corner > select Profile.
  2. In the Settings section, toggle Two-factor authentication to ON.
  3. You will see a QR code and a secret code. Use the Google Authenticator or Authy app on your phone to scan the QR code or add the secret code.
  4. Enter the 6-digit Authentication Code from the app.
  5. Сlick Activate.
  6. Confirm you would like to enable 2FA by email. 

You can disable two-factor authentication by sliding the switch to OFF

If you lost your phone or something happened which prevents you from using the app, you should contact Wirex support - we will be able to disable two-factor authentication for you. Please be ready to provide your ID or any other information necessary for proof of ownership of the account - we take the safety of your data and funds very seriously.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you enable two-factor authentication for your account.

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