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How do I get my Wirex plastic card's PIN code?

There are two ways to get your Wirex card's PIN: via Email or Phone call


You can request the PIN to be sent to your email address:

  • Login to your Wirex account > click on the correct card on the left to get to the card's page.
  • Click Send PIN > Confirm. You will get an email with your card's PIN code within next few minutes.

If you are using the Wirex Mobile App, you can get your card's PIN via email by following the guidance in Wirex App: Overview article.

Phone call

You can call the automated service line at +44 113 320 0952 and follow the steps below:

  • choose option 1;
  • enter the 16-digit card number followed by the #;
  • enter your date of birth in DDMMYY format (e.g. 191081) followed by the #;
  • choose option 3;
  • choose option 1.

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