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How and why to verify Wirex account?

This article will explain (1) how to verify your Wirex account, (2) how to have higher limits for funds load and withdrawal, (3) why you are recommended to verify your Wirex account and (4) the documents you need to complete the verification process with Wirex.

Verification is a confirmation of your Personal Information and Residence Address. You need to verify your account if you wish to have higher limits for funds load and spent and add funds to your cards via 3rd party payment services like PayPal.

NOTE: In some cases, you are obliged to verify your Wirex account as per Fraud&Risk team demand.


You need to upload two different documents as Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Residence/Address (POA). Both identity and address proofs should correspond with Personal Information and Residence Address assigned to your card at the time of its issue.

We accept the following documents in .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .PDF formats:

Proof of Identity (POI) should be a valid government-issued document. It should contain your full name, date of birth (DOB), your photo and expiration or validity date.

High-quality images of the following unexpired documents are acceptable (choose one from the list below):

  • international passport (double page);
  • national ID card (both sides);
  • driver's license (both sides);
  • any other government issued photo identity cards.

Proof of residency (POA) issued no more than 3 months prior. It should contain your full name, residence address, and issuance date.

Scanned images or PDF e-Statements of the following paper documents are acceptable (choose one from the list below):

  • bill for utilities consumed at your home address (water bill, Internet bill, credit card bill, telephone bill or any utility bill not more than 3 months old);
  • bank statement with a banker's stamp (not more than 3 months old);
  • tax return, council tax (not more than 3 months old);
  • passport address proof/certificate of residency issued by a government or a local government authority (should be valid and contain your name and address).

Your documents need to be either in English or have attached translation to them.

How to upload

To verify your Wirex account, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Wirex account.
  • Navigate to Getting Started section on the left > click on Get Verified now. Or you can click on your name in the right-top corner > Profile > Profile Verification.
  • Choose your document types from the drop-down section and upload them > Submit for Verification. If the button turned grey, your documents were too large. Reduce the file size and try again.
  • You will see your account status change from Unverified Profile to Verifying. This means the documents were successfully sent for processing.

Verification usually takes between 7-10 working days. Once documents are verified (or rejected), you will get an email notification.

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