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Wirex plastic card delivery types

There are three options for Wirex plastic card delivery: Standard, Trackable and DHL.

Standard Delivery

With standard delivery, the card is sent to you like a usual letter, in an envelope without any tracking information. We use Royal Mail which delivers cards to the local post services, and from this point, it depends on local processing centres and local postmen. We have no control over it and are not responsible for any delays or losses.

Trackable delivery

Trackable delivery includes Standard Trackable delivery with tracking number. The delivery is made by Deutsche Post. The number is sent to you within 7 business days after you have ordered the card.

DHL delivery

Expedited delivery includes Express DHL delivery with tracking number. The number is sent to you within 5-7 working day after you have ordered the card. The delivery is guaranteed. 

Sometimes cards can arrive earlier than the tracking number, so we recommended you to check your tracking status as soon as you get the number. If DHL is not able to deliver the package, they will put the shipment on hold. You need to contact them as soon as you can, because after 2 weeks without your response, DHL will send the card back. It is not always possible to retrieve it.

You can check estimated delivery time for all delivery types in this article: How long does Wirex card delivery take?

If you face any issues with your Wirex card delivery or have not received your card, please contact Wirex support team.

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