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How do I contact Wirex customer support?

You can contact our support team via:

  • Message - for all account or card related questions and issues, send a new ticket request to our support team. For security purposes, please send the request from your Wirex-linked email address.
  • Wirex App - you can create new support ticket right from your Wirex app. Simply click on Contact Support or Contact Us on transaction details screen or in the Settings screen.
  • Facebook page - for general inquiries and feedback, check our Facebook page. You can send us a message or leave a comment on our wall.

For the first two options, you will get a confirmation email with your ticket number. If you are contacting us via Facebook, please provide your ticket# if you need help with your account.

NOTE: We will not provide any personal or account-related information via Facebook, such as your card and verification status, info about transactions and other sensitive information.

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