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How do I start using Wirex?

For those who use both crypto and traditional currencies, Wirex is the ultimate solution for financial freedom. Use it in your daily finances - send and receive money from anyone around the world, buy and sell cryptos, convert them into USD, GBP or EUR, and spend them in millions of locations - all in one account. Your funds can be accessed anywhere and anytime. It is fast, it is safe, it is all you need.

Wirex accounts are completely cloud-based, which means everything from account registration to card order can be done online.

If you are here, you are ready for all the opportunities Wirex can offer. Let's start with some basic things:

Learn more about Wirex and how we got here.

Our past, present and future. Read our blog posts about Wirex, what we were before and where we are aiming now.

Register your Wirex account.

Your Wirex account will be ready in just a few clicks. To get the best Wirex can offer, create your personal cryptowallet and order a debit card. Read our How to create your Wirex account article for step-by-step instructions.

Start using your account. Add some funds into your Wirex wallet/account.

To add funds to your account, you have a few options: add some crypto or fiat to your Wirex account or buy some crypto

More cards, more power. Order your first Wirex card.

You need a card before you can spend your money anywhere you want. It is very easy to order one with Wirex, just decide which card you want, enter your personal information, residence address and desired payment method. Voila! The card is on its way. Read our How to get a Wirex card article for step-by-step instructions.

Load up. Add some funds to your newly-ordered card.

You have your card and crypto sitting in your account, waiting to be spent. What's next? Load some crypto onto your card (instantly converting them into the currency of the card). Read these articles for how to add funds to your new Wirex card.

Congratulations! You can now use your Wirex card to spend your money anywhere Visa is accepted!

Now have a look at the other features that will make managing your funds better.

Interested in buying crypto?

You can always buy some cryptocurrency if you are a Wirex cardholder. Read our article about buying crypto with Wirex.

Anywhere anytime. Download the Wirex mobile app.

Away from the desktop? Make it mobile and still do everything you need! Download our user-friendly app: iOS | Android. Read our Wirex Mobile App help section to get additional information about the app.

Safe and sound. Ensure your Wirex account security.

Enable two-factor authentication for improved security to protect your funds.

Spread the word. Recommend Wirex to your friends.

We think Wirex is awesome. If you think so too, wouldn't you like your friends to benefit from it while getting additional income for yourself? See how you can by participating in our Refer-a-Friend programme.

Don't want to miss a thing? Stay in touch.

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Do you wanna know anything else about Wirex? Just ask!

Not sure how to do something, or want to share an idea? Check out our FAQ, or contact our ever-helpful Wirex support team.

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