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How to exchange currencies in Wirex account?

Here's how you can change your card's funds to bitcoins or vice-versa. You can use this feature to buy or sell bitcoins, convert your dollars, euros or pounds to bitcoins or back, and load and unload your Wirex card(s).

Here are the steps to exchange currencies in your Wirex account:

  • Login to your Wirex account > click on Exchange currencies on the left-hand side.
  • Select source account (BTC or card) in Exchange From (or currency you want to sell).
  • Select target account (BTC or card) in To (or currency you want to buy).
  • Enter the sum either in bitcoins or card's currency. You may Use Maximum Amount button to calculate the maximum sum available for the transaction.
  • Click Exchange > review your transaction details > click Confirm Exchange.

NOTE: It might take a few minutes for exchanged funds to be reflected.

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