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How to add funds to Wirex card?

Like a standard debit card, you need to fund your Wirex card with some money before using it. You can add funds to your Wirex card in many ways. Here are the card loading options you have:

  • Exchange Currencies. You can load your card by converting your bitcoins into the currency of your card (USD, GBP, or EUR).
  • Online Payment. You can load your card via payment services our bank is a partner with.
  • Bank Transfer. You can load your card using wire transfer from a bank account in your country.
  • Your Wirex card. Coming soon. You can move money between your cards, even in different currencies.
  • PayPal/Entropay/other payment services. You can link your card to these services and withdraw funds from here to your card.
    NOTE: Such withdrawals are authorised by 3rd party services, so you need to contact these services directly for any assistance if you have questions or require detailed explanation.

Adding funds from Wirex account or Online Payment is instant. Funds added via Bank transfer may take between 3-7 days to arrive in your card. Money withdrawals from PayPal or other services can take a few days as well. Please check with the respective service providers.

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