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How to add funds to Wirex card with Bank Transfer?

If you wish to send money from your bank account to your Wirex card, you can make a wire transfer from any bank in your country into your Wirex card.

NOTE: The option is available for verified accounts only. Please also mind the bank will only accept transfers from your bank account (i.e. the card holder name should match the account holder name).

Follow these steps to add funds from your bank account into your Wirex card:

  • Login to your Wirex account > find the card you want to top up on the left-hand side.
  • Expand actions using 'Down' arrow > select Add Funds.
  • Select Bank Transfer in Add Funds With top section.
  • If we have a partner bank in your country, you will be suggested to make a Local transfer. Alternatively, you can transfer funds via International bank transfer.
  • Once transfer type is selected, you will get payment details of our partner bank's account. Save as PDF for reference. When making the transfer, please use the correct payment details and Payment Reference.
    NOTE: Payment Reference is assigned to your card and will remain the same for each bank. Do not add anything else apart from your unique Payment Reference in the appropriate fields.
  • Make the transfer from your bank account using the details. Ensure you do not exceed allowed transfer limits. We are not responsible for any funds losses if they are over the limits.

NOTE: Please mind associated fees and check with your bank for any additional bank transfer charges.

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