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How do I get my virtual card number and CVV?

After you complete your virtual card registration, you will automatically receive an email with your virtual card number and virtual card CVV code. You may request this information again at any time from Wirex website or Wirex mobile app:

  • Login to your Wirex account > click on the correct card on the left to get to the card's page.
  • Click Send CVV > Confirm. You will get an email with your card's details within next few minutes.

NOTE: For security reasons, we recommend not to store your virtual card details anywhere in your mailbox or locally. It is better to hard-delete the email with your card's details from your mailbox as soon as you have received and used it. Next time you need the details again, simply login to Wirex account and request them. That would prevent unauthorised use of your funds in case your mailbox is compromised, or if your laptop/phone is stolen.

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