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Wirex App: How to order a Wirex card

To order a new card from Wirex app, simply follow the steps below. The first virtual card for all Wirex users is FREE!

Want another card? Good news - you can get up to six Wirex cards in one account! You can check different cards prices in How much does Wirex card cost? article.

Here's how to order a Wirex card from the mobile app. If you are using the desktop version, check this guide: How to get a Wirex card?

  • Open your Wirex app > find Order Card > tap it.
  • Select card type and currency > Next. You can read more about cards types in the Wirex card types comparison chart article.
  • Enter your Personal information > Next. Make sure to use your real name and date of birth.
  • On Step 3, enter your Billing address.
  • For a plastic card, select Delivery Type and enter Delivery address (if different from Billing address) > Next.
  • Select Payment method. You can use Wirex account (bitcoin or card) or external bitcoin wallet for payment. Check all details and tap Pay. If you selected your Wirex account, your card order is placed immediately. If you selected External account, you will see a QR code, bitcoin address and exact amount you need to send within the next 24 hours. Once funds were received, the card order will be completed automatically. If no payment was received, the card order expires.

That's it! Your new card is ordered. The virtual card will arrive instantly to your Wirex-linked inbox, while the plastic card will be delivered to your address within the next few weeks.

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