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How do I exchange currencies in the Wirex App?

With Wirex, you can instantly convert your cryptocurrency to USD, EUR, GBP and back, as well as convert between your usual fiat currencies. 

Here are the steps to make a currency exchange in your Wirex mobile app:

  1. On the Dashboard, tap + > select Exchange.
  2. Select source account (or currency you want to sell) in the green section on the top.
  3. Select target account (or currency you want to buy) in the white section.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to load in crypto or reference currency > Next.
  5. Double-check your exchange information and complete it by tapping Confirm.

If your attempt to buy fiat is not successful, please check if the currency account balance hasn't exceeded. 

Note: It might take a few minutes for the exchanged funds to appear in your account.

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