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Wirex App: Getting Started

If you are ready for mobile banking right in your pocket, let's get started with our new Wirex app.

Download Wirex App.

You can download Wirex app from App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Check our Supported OS and devices article.

Log in or Create account.

Once Wirex app is installed you can either log in to your Wirex account (you can leave Keep me logged in On or Off) or create brand new Wirex account.

Once you logged in, set up your Wirex App.

You can edit your profile information and app preferences in Settings. See more details about Settings section in Wirex App: Settings article.

Drive your money.

Once you are comfortable with the App, start using it! Add some funds to your Wirex accounts, or send them to your friends. Read our articles how to add funds to your accounts, and how to send them to your friends.

Order Wirex card.

You can order your Wirex card right from the App. Follow the step-by-step guide in our How do I order a Wirex card article.

Secure your account.

Make sure your app is absolutely secured: enable additional PIN protection (or TouchID/Fingerprint Authentication) and 2-factor Authentication so that no one can use your funds if your phone is stolen. For more details check our Wirex App: Settings article, Security section.

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