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Wirex App: Overview

Here's everything you need to know about Wirex app to use it like a pro!

Welcome screen

Here new users can register for a new Wirex account and existing account holders can log in. Use the Forgot password? link, if you cannot remember your password.

Main Wirex App screen

At the top of the screen, you can switch between your Wirex bitcoin and card accounts as well as order a new card.

In the second part of the screen, you will see all your transactions. Tap on any transaction to view its full details.

Account Actions

Wirex users have access to two types of accounts: one bitcoin wallet (BTC) and up to six card accounts (USD/GBP/EUR).

Tap Bitcoin account pile to:

  • Add BTC. Top up your bitcoin wallet with bitcoins, altcoins, Wirex card or local debit/credit cards.
  • Send BTC. Send bitcoins to anyone in the world.
  • Copy address. Share your BTC address easily.

Tap Card pile to:

  • Block card. You can block your card if it was stolen or compromised. NOTE: This option does not automatically move funds from your card into your bitcoin account. Please do so before blocking.
  • Unblock card. Regain access to your card.
  • Add funds. Top up card.
  • Get PIN.Request your plastic card's PIN via email.
  • Get card details. Request your virtual card's details via email.
  • Activate card. Complete plastic card activation by entering the last 4 digits of your card's number and expiration date.

Tap card icon again to hide card actions.

+ button on the bottom-right corner allows you to quickly access common operations: Send bitcoins, Add bitcoins, and Exchange currencies.
Tap 'X' or anywhere on the screen to get back to the Main Screen.


The gear button located at the top-right side will bring you to the Settings page. Please see the Wirex App: Settings article for more information.

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