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Wirex payment cards with currency accounts

Wirex never stops enhancing your fund management facilities. Now, new Wirex payment cards are issued together with the associated currency account. As they have the same balance, you can now top up your Wirex account using the traditional bank account methods like bank transfer. At the moment, the associated currency account can only be created with the GBP payment card and not available for other currencies yet. Also, new payment cards' accounts come with owesome limits: maximum balance of 7,500 GBP, 8,000 EUR, and 10,000 USD with the unlimited online spend and load amounts. See more about card limits here.

To make online purchases more secure, new Wirex payment cards are empowered with the Verified by Visa (VBV) protection. Find more details on how it works for Wirex cards here.

Note: you can order a card only after your Wirex account has been successfully verified.

We continuously extend the list of the countries where we provide our services. Please find out if Wirex payment cards are available for ordering in your region.

At the moment, the following kinds of Wirex payment cards are available:


Card type


Unlimited spend and load

Protected by VBV
















* is not available yet but will be added soon

Note: Wirex virtual cards are intended for the internet payments only while Wirex physical cards may be used both for online and in-store purchases.

You can have up to three payment cards simultaneously: one card in each of the available currencies (GBP, EUR, USD). Each virtual card will be activated as soon as it is issued. Wirex physical card requires additional activation in Wirex app.

Note: When you receive and activate your Wirex plastic card, your virtual card account (of the same currency) becomes inactive and its balance is transferred to the new plastic card's account. The newly created account has new details too.

Ordering cards and opening currency accounts is free, however you will be charged a monthly fee for the account maintenance by the issuer. For more information, see Wirex fees

While the currency account lifetime will not expire unless it is closed, the payment card is valid for three years. Afterwards, it needs to be reissued. You can also reissue a card if you suspect its details have been compromised. See Card blocking and unblocking for more information.

An account may be opened only twice in the same currency. This limit is set to prevent the chaotic account management. Thus, before closing your currency account, please give it your careful consideration.

Find out how to get a Wirex card here.

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