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What transactions can I make with my currency account?

Wirex card and its associated currency account share the same balance. While the card is used for online payments, the account comes in handy when you need either to buy the cryptocurrency, sell it, or top up your balance with the traditional bank account methods like bank transfer.

You can top up the currency account in the following ways:

  • using SWIFT (currently, this works only for GBP)
  • Faster Payments service (works within the UK) or SEPA transfers (currently available in all EEA countries)
  • with a linked local card (please see the list where this service is available)
  • exchanging the cryptocurrency into fiat

To top your account balance with the bank transaction, use the currency account details.

Also, you can easily exchange the fiat money from your account into cryptocurrency.

Note: Wirex USD cards do not have the associated currency account and cannot be topped up using the account details.

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