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Local cards transactional limits

With your local bank cards, you can either instantly buy cryptocurrencies or top up your Wirex accounts with GBP, EUR, and USD. Link your local cards to your Wirex profile and easily manage both your fiat and crypto in one app, safer than ever before with the certified PCI DSS protection.

Note: you can have up to 5 cards linked to your Wirex account. Also, you can change your linked cards up to 5 times per month. The same local card cannot be linked to different Wirex accounts.

When using a local card, the following limits apply to the transactions:



Minimum transaction amount


Total daily limit


Max number of transactions per 24 hours

5 successful

Max number of transactions per 7 days

20 successful

30 total

* this is an overall sum for all three currencies (1000 of GBP+EUR+USD)


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