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How do I order Wirex contactless card?

You can order a card only after your Wirex account has been successfully verified.

If you order a GBP card, it will be issued together with the associated currency account. In the nearest future, we will implement the same service for EUR cards. Read more about the new Wirex cards with the currency accounts here.

How to order a contactless card in Wirex Web application

  1. On the left panel of the Dashboard, under Order cards, select the card currency and type you'd like to get. 
  2. In the Order new card window, check your personal details. If you want to change them, you'll need to contact support. 
  3. Confirm your order by clicking Place order

How to order a contactless card in Wirex iOS and Android application

  1. On the Dashboard, tap Choose a card. You can also swipe left or right and tap Add new.
  2. Select the card type and currency and tap Next. 
  3. On the Card order screen, check your delivery address. If you want to change it, you'll need to contact support. 
  4. Confirm your order by tapping Order card.

Note: Usually, it takes about 4 days to deliver a plastic card. When you receive it, you'll need to activate it.


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