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Why you need to verify your source of funds and how to do it

Source of Funds (SOF) verification is a confirmation that the funds deposited into your Wirex accounts came from legitimate sources and can be verified via supporting documentation.

You will need to verify your SOF to continue using the USD/EUR/GBP features of your Wirex account, which includes access to the Wirex card and our exchange services.

Your documents have to be either in English or have a certified translation attached.

NOTE: Due to regulatory requirements, you may be occasionally obliged to re-verify your documents.

How to upload your SOF documents

  1. When it is time to verify your SOF, you'll receive a corresponding email and notification.
  2. Please check the email, which contains a link to the Source of Funds Questionnaire which you will need to download, complete and return to us.
  3. Prepare documentary evidence of the source of your funds.
    Note: Examples of acceptable documents to complete this process are provided within the questionnaire.
  4. Return the completed form and required supporting documentation - which includes an additional form of address verification documentation - to the email address provided within the questionnaire.

After these documents are reviewed, you might be asked to provide additional information or documentation.

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