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How do I use my Ethereum wallet?

Wirex users can now buy, sell, and store the popular altcoin Ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency generated by the Ethereum platform. Read more about Ethereum here.

Your Ethereum wallet is already available in the Wirex app. Add funds to your new wallet, buy Ether, exchange it with other crypto or traditional currencies or send your ETH to Wirex users for free!

Before you can top up your Wirex Ethereum wallet from an external wallet, you need to activate your ETH address.  

Note: Wirex is using smart contract technology for ETH wallets. Therefore, when sending ETH to an external wallet, please double-check with the destination wallet whether they are accepting ETH from smart contract addresses prior to initiating the transaction.

How to activate your ETH address

For desktop users:

  1. Select Ethereum wallet from the list of wallets on the Dashboard
  2. Click Activate address

The address will appear on and below the image of the card. This will also activate the QR-code on the card.

For mobile app users:

  1. Select the Ethereum wallet from the list of wallets
  2. Tap Activate address
  3. This will activate the QR-code and display your unique Ethereum address under it.

Now you can use the address and the QR-code to receive ETH from external wallets.

See more about ETH transactional limits here.

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