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Why should I set up a memorable word and how do I do it?

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Why do I need to set up a memorable word?

To enhance the security of personal accounts and to lessen the risks of hacking, we require all of our users to set up a memorable word. It must be at least 6 characters long and consist of Latin alphabet letters only. You cannot use spaces, numbers, special characters or letters from other alphabets. 

Note: A memorable word is case-sensitive. 

You must also come up with a hint for your memorable word (a helpful word or a phrase that helps remind you what your memorable word is). The hint can be up to 140 characters long and cannot be the same as your memorable word. 

When will I need to enter my memorable word?

We will ask you to enter some letters of your word every time you need to reset your password or log in on a new device.

How do I enter my memorable word?

Most of the time, we'll ask you to enter the letters of your memorable word in a random order, e.g. "Please enter letters 7, 2, 9 of your memorable word". Remember, your memorable word is case-sensitive, and you need to write the letters in the same way that you did when you created the word (e.g. "A" and "a" count as two different letters).


Your memorable word is "Arsenal". Please notice that the word starts with a capital letter. 

When asked to give letters 6, 1, 3 of your memorable word, you will need to enter a, A, s

Please be aware that if you enter your memorable word wrong too many times, your account will be blocked -and you will need to contact Support to unlock it.

Note: This is a required step. If you don’t set up a memorable word, you will not be able to reset your password.

We will show you your hint if you request the hint before filling in your memorable word.

How should I choose my memorable word?

Since this is a security precaution, the best memorable word refers to something only you would know. This could be the name of your favourite school teacher, your grandmother’s cousin, a place you remember fondly, or your favorite film when you were young.

Don’t use your name, email, date of birth, or any other easily-accessible data for your memorable word or the hint.

What if I forget my memorable word?

When you create a memorable word, you will also create a hint - a short reminder in case you forget your memorable word. Make sure the hint gives just enough information that you remember - but not so much that it’s obvious to other people. Your hint can be up to 140 characters long.

If the hint does not help you recall your memorable word, you will need to contact our Support Team to reset your password.

Can I change my memorable word?

You can change your memorable word by contacting our Support Team.

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