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Wirex App: How to send funds to external bitcoin wallet

You can send funds from your Wirex bitcoin account to any external bitcoin accounts right from your Wirex App. Follow the steps below:

  • Tap + button > select Send BTC button.
  • Enter recipient's address or scan QR code, the amount you wish to send in bitcoins or reference currency (tap [BUTTON] to switch between currencies) and message for the recipient (optional) > tap Confirm. You will see approximate blockchain fee for your transaction.
  • If this is the first time you send bitcoins to this recipient, you will receive a message in your Wirex-linked email address with Confirmation link > click on the link to complete the transaction. If you have previously sent bitcoins to this address, no confirmation is needed (the transfer will be processed immediately).
  • That's it! Your bitcoins are sent. Read our How long does it take to send Bitcoin? article for usual transfer times.

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