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Центр поддержки

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Why was I charged more at the gas station?

It is common to be charged more at the gas station and to receive the balance at a later date.

When you try to make payment at the gas station, the amount authorised on your card will be more than your receipt amount. This includes a tolerance fee to avoid negative balance on your card.

If the settled amount is less than authorization, the respective amount will be reversed to your card within 14 days.

For example, authorization took $100 and you filled your car for $60. The remaining $40 (minus possible fees) will be reversed to your account.

This is covered in the Visa cardholder agreement:

4.5 Due to security safeguards, Merchants that accept your Card are required to seek authorisation from us for all Transactions. There are some circumstances where Merchants may require you to have an Available Balance greater than the value of the Transaction you wish to make; however, you will only be charged for the actual and final value of the Transaction you make. Merchants request this as they may need to access more funds than you initially planned to spend.

This may happen not only at the gas station but also at restaurants (up to 20% + to your bill), hotels, rental car services and similar, as those merchants may not be able to accurately predict how much your final bill will be.

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