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Центр поддержки

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Wirex card usage regional specifics

Wirex card may work differently in different countries. Please find specifics for some regions in this article.



  • All users with French billing addresses should be verified;
  • Cards cannot hold balances greater than 10000 EUR at any time;
  • Each card is limited to a maximum ATM cash withdrawal of 1000 EUR per 30 days.


The French government has introduced two decrees which have an impact on the prepaid debit cards issued to users with billing addresses in France:
Decree No. 2016-1523
Decree No. 2016-1742

In summary, these decrees require that all prepaid cards issued to individuals with registered addresses in France which (a) are reloadable, (b) allow for online spending, or (c) allow for cash access must be registered to a verified individual and cannot have a balance that exceeds EUR 10000 at any time.

Any such card account for which the identity of the registered cardholder has not been verified or the balance exceeds EUR 10000 will be moved into suspended status until it is verified.

China & Japan


Gambling transactions are forbidden for cards issued to users with registered addresses in China or Japan.


As long as gambling is illegal in China and Japan, the card issuer forbids any transactions from gambling companies for cards issued to users with billing addresses in China and Japan.

Even though gambling with foreign companies or foreign bookmakers is not illegal in Japan as long as the bookmaker is not in Japan, our card issuer is cautious and blocks any such transactions anyway.

If a user with Chinese or Japanese billing address violates the policy, his/her account will be moved to suspended status and it might take some time to unblock.

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