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How to track Wirex card order?

The Trackable delivery option is available for Wirex plastic card orders. This article will explain how to track your card's location and delivery.

To check Wirex card delivery, use one of the following links: Deutsche Post: Basic tracking or Detailed tracking, AfterShip.com (Detailed tracking).

Enter your tracking number in the space provided. You can retrieve your card's tracking number from your Wirex-linked email in 5-7 business days after the card order, provided if there were no complications or delays.

  • Basic tracking contains information about your card shipment, such as the date it was shipped, when it arrived at customs and when it reached your country.
  • Detailed tracking contains more information about your card's delivery status as it transfers from customs to the original country to the destination country.


  • The tracking number follows this format: RX000000000DE
  • The tracking information may be delayed. If you received Error 'Item Not Found', please try again in a few days.
  • After the card reaches your country, you can also track it from your country's post office website.

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