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Центр поддержки

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What is $1 fee?

The fee is Wirex's monthly maintenance fee for active Wirex card accounts. Each active and suspended card account with a positive balance will be charged 1 USD/EUR/GBP fee per month. If your card accounts carry no balance, you will not be charged this fee.

The fee will be reflected on your monthly account statement starting a month from your card account activation date. For example, an EUR card activated on 15 February 2015 will be charged 1EUR every 15th of the month. If you have multiple cards in the same user account, the account activation date is the earliest activation date among all cards.

Accounts with insufficient balance for the monthly maintenance fee will be debited a partial amount. The system will automatically deduct the remaining balance up until the next billing cycle.

If your card's balance has been zero during the activity period, you will pay the fee for the previous month(s) as soon as you top up the card. For example, you had no funds on the card in January and February and you loaded your card on 5 March. January and February fees will be debited within 2 days. March fee will be charged on your account activation date.

Please note that inactive card accounts may be cancelled at any time by the bank. Inactive card accounts are defined as cards with zero balance for three or more consecutive months.

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