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FAQ: October 15, 2017 and changes to the supported countries list

Wirex prepared a brief FAQ about changes affecting our user outside Europe and what happens on October 15.

В. Will Wirex cards stop working after Oct 15 outside Europe?
A. If your residence country is outside Europe and your card number begins with 4665-44** regardless of the type (i.e., virtual or plastic), the card will stop working after Oct 15.

В. In other words, does Wirex cards keep working until Oct 15 outside Europe?
A. Yes, all the current Wirex cards are functional until Oct 15 regardless of regions, including exchanges and payments. Account verification is also available for card holders.

В. What will happen to my fund on Wirex card(s) on Oct 15?
A. We are investigating the possibility to transfer the fund on your current Wirex card(s) to the new cards. The final plan will be announced once it becomes available. Even if your Wirex card stops working on Oct 15 and you have a balance on the card, and we cannot transfer the balance to the new card(s), we will return the balance on the old Wirex card to your Wirex BTC wallet. No worries, your fund is always yours.

Q. Will Wirex BTC wallet be affected by this?
A. No, BTC wallet continues as before.

В. Can I order a Wirex card now?
A. Unfortunately, we have terminated card orders for the current Wirex cards. Instead, we are now proudly accepting the┬аpre-registration to get the new contactless Wirex cards. Please note that we are unable to issue a replacement card of the current Wirex cards even in the case of lost, stolen, or damaged cards. So please handle your current Wirex cards carefully until you receive a new contactless Wirex card. Also if you find your card lost or stolen, please block the card immediately on the app or website to secure fund on the card. You can unblock the card and exchange fund from it whenever you want.

В. Is it OK for me to just wait for the new card arriving at my place?
A. No, we will not send the card unless you order a new one. This is to avoid someone else may receive new cards linked to your Wirex account. Please kindly sign up for pre-registration.

В. When can I get my new contactless Wirex card? Do you have any other details?
A. We are working hard to deliver new contactless Wirex cards to you as soon as possible. The detailed schedule, as well as other details such as the price, limits, and fees, will be announced shortly. Please stay tuned.

В. What will happen after I signed up for pre-registration?
A. You will receive the description about the card order ahead of others. Please check your emails not to miss it.

Q. Can I cancel the pre-registration?
A. Yes, you can cancel the pre-registration unless you proceed to the card order.

Q. Is only my country affected?
A. No, this change is effective to countries outside Europe.

В. I live in Europe, but frequently travelling to countries outside Europe. Can I make payment with my current Wirex cards when I go there after Oct 15?
A. Yes, you can. This change is effective to cardholders who registered countries outside Europe as the country of residence. For example, if you live in France and register France as the country residence, you can use your current Wirex card when you travel to Japan even after Oct 15.

В. Why was the announcement released late?
A. We had to finalize details with the new card issuer and other stakeholders to provide the precise information to you. We apologize the delay and hassle caused by the silence from us.

В. Why will Wavecrest stop services outside Europe?
A. Unfortunately, Wirex is not in the position to disclose the answer. However, please bear in mind that Wirex is always with you.

В. What countries are included in "Europe"?
A. Please visit our Help Centre to see the full list of the countries in European region.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our support team.

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