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FAQ: MasterCard to Visa changeover

В. I love MasterCard and I do not want Visa. Can I still have MasterCard from you?
A. Unfortunately, not at the moment. We hope we would be able to support MasterCard again in future.

В. I see a new virtual card has appeared in my account! I did not order it.
A. We have automatically issued virtual card(s) for all virtual and plastic MasterCard holders. Virtual card is either a replacement for your virtual MasterCard or a temporary substitute for your plastic MasterCard (while your plastic card is delivering).

В. Will my MasterCard stop working? And when?
A. You MasterCard(s) will be active for unloading for the next 60 days (until July 15, 2017). However, you will not be able to load new funds onto the card.

Q. What exactly can I do with my MasterCard for the next 60 days?
A. You can perform any unloading operations such as:

  • Exchange your card's funds to bitcoins;
  • Shop online and offline;
  • Withdraw cash in ATM;
  • Move funds to another Wirex card (this feature is coming soon!).

And you can also do nothing - after 60 days, your funds will be transferred to your new Visa card automatically.

В. What if I do not want to order Visa at all?
A. It is up to you. Please mind to spend the funds on your existing MasterCards or exchange them to bitcoins before July 15.

Q. Do I need to pay for the new card?
A. No, we offer you new Visa card for each of your MasterCard free of charge.

В. How many free cards can I get?
A. One for each MasterCard you had. E.g. if you have 2 plastic MasterCards, you will get 2 free plastic Visa cards. And an additional virtual card for each plastic MasterCard for temporary usage.

В. I already have virtual Visa card in the same currency as my plastic MasterCard. Will I get another one?
A. No, the rule of 1 card in each currency of each type is still in place. So if you have virtual Visa already and it is in the same currency as your plastic MasterCard - no additional virtual card will be created for you.

В. How can I claim my free Visa card?
A. Just go ahead and order it using usual order process - we have already added 100% discount for each Visa card replacing MasterCard.

Q. How will my new plastic card be delivered?
A. We introduced new delivery option called Trackable: it has a tracking number, but it is not as fast as DHL.

В. Should I order new Visa card in the same currency as my MasterCard was?
A. Not necessary. If you had USD MasterCard, you can now order EUR Visa if it suits you better at the moment.

Q. Why can't you just send me the new card? Why do I need to re-order it?
A. We need to confirm that your delivery address is up to date.

Q. I am a verified user. Do I need to verify this new card again?
A. No, your verification status will not be affected.

Q. I have sent funds to my card already using Bank Transfer or 3-rd party payment methods. Where is my money?
A. The funds will be sent back to the source.

В. I have not received the previous card. Will you send me a new one?
A. Yes, we will add 100% discount for you too, if your previous plastic card was MasterCard (ordered between Feb 10, 2016 and Apr 15, 2017). Please go ahead and order a new card.

В. I already have 6 cards in all possible currencies/type combinations, how is it possible to order more cards?
A. It should be possible to order new Visa card anyway. We have temporarily allowed that so that you can perform the changeover.

В. I have blocked my MasterCard a while ago. Can I claim free Visa card?
A. Unfortunately, no. The campaign affects only active MasterCard holders. If your card has been inactive by May 15, 2017, you can't claim a free replacement.

If you faced any difficulties with this changeover, please contact our Support Team. To help us answer your ticket faster, please add [Visa Changeover] to the subject line.

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