Центр поддержки

Центр поддержки

Как мы можем помочь?

Партнерская программа

Партнерская программа позволяет вам зарабатывать биткоины, приглашая друзей, членов семьи, деловых партнеров и даже незнакомых людей стать пользователями Wirex. You can provide your referrals with your affiliate link or simply post it on your blog, social media, or other channels.

Подробная информация о партнерской программе доступна на нашем сайте.

Below you can find a brief FAQ about Affiliate program:

Q. Where is my affiliate link?
A. Your Wirex referral link should become available once you have at least one active card (we would like you to use the card yourself before recommending it to friends). You can find it by clicking on your name in right-top corner > Profile > Affiliate.

Q. When will I get my affiliate bonuses?
A. You earn bitcoins for every card load event your referrals perform (account creation, card order or any other transactions apart from card loading do not get you any bonuses). Please mind that there may be delays as bonuses are sent after you earn a minimum of 0.02BTC (unfortunately, we cannot send you smaller amounts). If you are sure your referrals have made some card load transaction(s) and you total bonus amount should be over 0.02BTC, please let our Support team know.

Q. My friend has Wirex account, I want him to become my referral.
A. If you want your friend with existing Wirex account to be your referral (e.g. if your friend forgot to use your referral link to sign up), we can establish an affiliate connection between your accounts. For that, please instruct your referral-to-be to send us a message confirming they agree to become your referral.

Q. I am using E-Coin affiliate link. Is it still working?
A. Unfortunately, no. Please update your old e-coin link with your new wirexapp.com link anywhere you have published it (you can find a new link in your Wirex account).

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