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Account blocked due to suspicious activity

Wirex takes the security of our customers very seriously. We acknowledge that you may have been inconvenienced by the temporary blocking of your card and hope you understand that we have taken this action to prevent fraudulent use of your account.

Below we explain how this block may affect your in-app functionality and what you should do if your account has been frozen.

We want to reassure you that this does not necessarily mean that fraudulent activity has been committed on your account. Our built-in security system continually monitors all transactions for any unusual activity. If the system picks up anything unusual, we take the extra precaution of pausing the account.

To ensure this transaction is correct, we ask that our customers verify their account with one or more of the following verification documents:

  • Proof of identity document
  • Adres ispatı
  • Recent bank statement

You can read more on document requirements here.

Why we do this┬а

We pause your account to first protect your assets, your money and protect your account. We wouldnтАЩt want anyone else messing about in our business, so we canтАЩt imagine you would want the same. We donтАЩt want anyone to have access to your details, steal your identity or make fraudulent transactions (using all your stuff). This is why we ask for you to verify yourself ┬аas ┬аwe want to make sure it was you who made the transaction.

Please note, you will need to resend your verification documents even if you have previously verified.

If any of this sounds suspicious to you, and you didnтАЩt make any recent Wirex transactions - someone may have your password. We advised that you get in touch with our support team so that we can help you get to the bottom of it.

Again we understand how frustrating and inconvenient this may be. We are trying our best to have the highest security standards in order to protect your privacy with minimal interruptions to your experience. This is an evolving process and we hope to continually improve your experience with us. For now, this is our current process.

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