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Wirex fees

Ordering a Wirex card and corresponding currency account is free. However you will be charged a nominal monthly fee for account maintenance.

Depending on the currency of your account, the following fees apply:

Fee Type

Payment card





Monthly account maintenance fee




Online purchases




POS Decline at Visa terminal or online




ATM withdrawal at Visa ATM (UK+EU)




ATM withdrawal at Visa ATM (EEA outside Eurozone + international)




ATM Decline at Visa ATM




ATM Balance Enquiry at Visa ATM (where available)




PIN management – change PIN




Standing Order payment




Chargeback payment*




Recall payment*




Trace payment (Payment operations support)*




* your bank may also apply a charge for these the transactions.


  1. Tracing, recalling, and charging back payments must be requested through Customer Support.
  2. In Foreign Exchange ePOS transactions, currencies are converted at the relevant wholesale rate.
  3. The currency account monthly maintenance fee is deducted on a monthly basis regardless of your account activity. The first payment will be deducted on the 20th day after your account has been created. Successive payments will then be deducted on or around the same date of each month thereafter. If there is not enough money in your currency account to pay an applicable fee, your account balance will be negative and the only transaction you will be able to mae thereafter is a balance top-up, before being able to continue using the account and card. If your balance remains negative for 2 consecutive months, both the card and account will be closed. You will not be able to open a new account until the fee due is paid.
  4. If you wish to transfer Bitcoin to and from a wallet not supported by BitGo, you will be subject to blockchain fees. However, please note there are no blockchain fees when sending from one Wirex account to another.

Find out more about card limits and currency account limits.

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